Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

While relationships with others can be the source of greatest joy in our lives, they can also be the cause of the most intense pain. Couples come to therapy for many different reasons which often touch upon our deepest values and feelings. By the time some couples come to my office their relationships are in shambles and this is the last ditch effort before breaking up. Other couples may have solid connections but are looking for guidance in getting through a difficult period. Some are dating and considering commitment. Others are married and dealing with infertility. Some have experienced infidelity, and others feel stuck in cycles of anger and closeness.

Work with couples doesn't focus on placing blame or fault. Instead we start from in present and look back to understand what brought you together and where you are. We work together to help you better understand yourselves and each other learning to hear and appreciate each other's perspective and also to better express your own.

Couples therapy is often very successful in bringing a couple closer, by working through conflict and rebuilding the connection, intimacy and partnership. To succeed couples must be committed to the relationship, willing to be open and work together to grow and, if necessary, to making adjustments in their actions and attitude.

dreamstime_l_43048334Some of issues couples address are:

Dealing with trust issues or infidelity
Dealing with job loss and financial strain
Struggling with the emotional toll of infertility
Dealing with loss of intimacy or appreciation for each other
Dating couples looking to build foundation towards commitment
Adjustment to parenthood
Parenting children and adolescents
Negotiating or sharing responsibilities
Managing stresses merging different cultures or backgrounds
Negotiating issues with extended or original families
Issues surrounding gay couples
Anger and stress management
Dealing with depression or a mental illness Dealing with chronic or terminal illness
Dealing with alcoholism or substance abuse
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