Parenting Support and Training

Lauren Rose specializes in working with mothers of infants, young children and adolescents.  As the mother of four children I understand both personally and professionally the challenges of motherhood and the many developmental stages your children with enter.
I provide first time mothers with support as they enter this exciting new time in their life. I have helped mothers deal with the stress of sleep deprivation, sleep training their baby, changes in their marriage and the decision to go back to work or stay home. I help parents understand their children's physical and emotional development and how it impacts their behavior. We can discuss what issues are age appropriate and typical and how to deal with concerns that are atypical or problematic. I often find that processing your relationships with your parents at this time in your life can be very helpful.
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Even more experienced second or third time mothers can benefit from support after the birth of another child. They face new issues such as how to deal with balancing two or more children and often different personalities and challenges with different children. 
I have also found that some mothers experiencing post-partum depression or baby-blues benefit from individual therapy during this time.
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