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Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness

Few people are unfamiliar with the feelings of depression and anxiety. They are two of the mood disorders that impact the lives of many people. Quite a few of us have been affected more deeply. Whether we experience a passing sadness or a chronic major affective disorder, we can all benefit from insight into our minds and bodies and techniques to move beyond these states and back to a place of balance and contentment. Yoga and psychotherapy offer techniques to accomplish this result. Integrating yoga practice and philosophy with traditional psychotherapy and mindfulness techniques, Yoga Therapy is an exciting treatment approach.

As a psychotherapist practicing for over two decades, I have discovered that I have been using many of the philosophical principles and mindfulness techniques of yoga within my practice without appreciating their origins in Eastern beliefs and yogic teachings. I have found myself drawn to yoga not only as a tool for clients to learn relaxation and stress reduction, but also as a method to connect to their inner selves in a different way. Many people, especially those suffering from depression, social anxiety and generalized anxiety, tend to judge themselves in harsh, self-critical ways. The combination of yoga and psychotherapeutic techniques used in Yoga Therapy can lead clients to a deeper understanding of themselves and their core issues and can help them learn to observe and relate to themselves in compassionate, non-judgmental ways.

Through work with breath and body sensations, mindfulness techniques teach you to focus on the present moment and to escape the constant thoughts in your mind. You learn to let go of thoughts and emotions that arise without judgment and to develop greater empathy and compassion for yourself and others. With this enhanced self-awareness, work can begin to develop improved self-esteem, coping mechanisms and patterns of behavior.

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